Saltire Patisserie

Saltire Patisserie Ltd was established by Manager Director, David Peters in 2006 and is the sister company to award-winning Edinburgh Event Caterer, Saltire Hospitality Ltd. As a family-owned Scottish bakery,

Saltire Patisserie is a premier supplier to the foodservice industry in Edinburgh and nearby areas. From our bakery production in Edinburgh, we meet our client’s unique requirements, guaranteeing freshness and quality products with a low carbon footprint. 

We provide a range of freshly baked, hand-molded bread, scones, hand-finished cakes, biscuits, and seasonal products daily. All of which are bespoke to our client’s very specific requirements.

Bespoke Products

Catering for your need

Regular Delivery

Efficient delivery service across Edinburgh city centre and the surrounding areas

Value For Money

Truly competitive rates for our products

Quality Assurance

Only utilise the finest ingredients to ensure fantastic quality and taste


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